Williamsville Staff

Mike the Piercer

Super friend. Varsity Wrestling.  Opals and rose gold.  Furry face and fancy earrings.  Not quite an Eagle Scout. Land of Cheese….



Oh sweet Chelsea.  Adopted by CowPok  in the summer of 2016 Chelsea didn’t waste any time becoming part of the family….


Jay Tattooer

Tattooing since 2000 A.D. Grumpy old man trapped in a slightly younger grumpy old mans body. All styles welcomed.  


Keith Piercer

In 1999 the current piercers at CowPok were losing a long time employee named Keith and thought the transition would be…


Anna Gallery Assistant

Born with fire in her heart and eggplant in her soul, Anna was put on this earth to answer your questions…


Eric Tattooer

tattoos. pony tail enthusiast party animal.


Anna Piercer

Back in 2009, I followed a stray cat into CowPok and was asked to work the next day. A year later,…