Winter Jewelry

December 16, 2016 Jewelry 0 Comments

Our Winter Collection was recently released at our Elmwood location and it was a hit at our exclusive Release Party.

Each piece was hand selected from a large handful of our favorite companies, including Body Vision Los Angeles, Buddha Jewelry Organics, Maya Jewelry and more and we were surprised by the end of the evening that there were even any pieces left for the public!

After an evening of wine sipping and appetizers, we let our eager clients takes a peek at all of the styles we have been acquiring for months for the event. 75 new styles were released in an array of materials and colors to fit everyone’s style and budget.

There were a few major trends we wanted to make sure that we had covered for the event, to ensure that every client left with a totally updated look for the upcoming season!

For our genuine stone selection, we gathered up a huge selection of warm colored stones to beat the chill that’s already swept across the city; genuine citrine, chocolate diamonds, smoky quartz and black diamonds. These stones in their striking yellow and rose gold settings and styles were scooped up quickly by some of our favorites.

Metallic’s and hammered styles were also popular – if you aren’t one for tons of sparkles, these styles were for you. Some of our favorites from this selection of our collection included our hammered squares from BVLA that found homes in a couple of paired nostril piercings. Their low profile and high shine made them fly off the shelves quickly (but don’t worry, we still have a few hidden in our displays!).

Neometal, our primary titanium provider, released new colors that we’re incredible obsessed with and are in limited supply of – ocean grey, true green, and my ABSOLUTE favorite, caramel. These Swarovski crystals pop on virtually every skin tone and have been my favorite suggestions for people looking to update their jewelry tones for the season.

Buddha Jewelry Organics killed the evening with their designs, my personal favorite being their Rose Gold Diety Chain design. You can truly tell that every piece was handled and designed with love. I can’t wait to see what styles these wonderful people put out next season. My collection with from them is always growing because their designs are so versatile – easy to take from a casual, dressed down look to something incredibly elegant. I was completely blown away when we received the last pair available of their Pyrite Sun designs – literally wearable art. They took my breath away!

My favorite trend from the night was all of the bold, asymmetrical pieces across the ears of our clients. Mixing bold shapes and stone cuts next to simple, classic designs ensures that every piece compliments one another, and the big hitters get all of the spotlight!

Å giant thank you to all that were able to attend the event, and we look forward to preparing for round two this Spring. Want to get in on the action you missed? Keep an eye out on all our social media for hints at our next collection drop. Orders are already out to all of our favorite companies again to set up your spring and summer with the most up to date styles available.