We're your family. #PRIDE

June is Pride month; actually, every month is pride month here at CowPok. June is just a little extra. It's the perfect time to let everyone know we are the place to visit when you need a friendly smile, a random hug or just some silent understanding.

Not a fan of the name you were given at birth but haven’t legally changed it?  Let us know and we will update our computer system and use your name of choice.

Not a fan of pronouns?  Cool. Let us know and we’ll make sure to use the correct one.

No one thinks you should be wearing that and everyone looks at you funny?  CowPok is judgement free. We are accepting of everyone (except intolerant assholes, they will not be tolerated).

Not interested in getting a new tattoo or piercing but need a place to be yourself?  The lobby is open when we are, the couch is comfortable and Netflix is always on.

We love our clients and our city, and think you're perfect exactly how you are, even if you're still figuring it out.