#SNAKEEYES, and why we won't do it for you.

So you want your tongue pierced?  Sideways? Through the tip?  And let me guess, you can’t find anyone to do it.  Well that’s because most qualified piercers tend to care more about your health and your teeth than the most current internet fad.  Let us take a look at some facts so if you can find someone to do it you know the risks.

·         The human tongue is made up of two separate muscles.  Pinning them together will cause issues with speech, eating and swallowing.

·         While paying attention to the tip of your tongue say the sentence “The chair is down there.”  With snake eyes even if you are able to say this coherently you can say goodbye to your teeth.  Metal vs. Teeth and teeth won’t win.  

When done correctly and with appropriately sized jewelry a healed tongue piercing placed in the center of the tongue heals fast and does not affect eating, talking or swallowing.  You won’t wear the enamel off your front teeth and we kind of like you with teeth.  So let’s recap- the internet is full of ideas, some are great, some not so much.  If you want your tongue pierced stick with the traditional placement, the one that was around before tumbler, Instagram or hell, even the internet.  Leave snake eyes where they belong… on snakes.