If you got your piercing at either of our locations you may have left with a bottle of soap, an aftercare card, a super awesome new piercing and some strange advice to put a tea bag on it.  Soap is for use in the shower, the card has our contact info if you have any more questions but what’s up with this tea bag thing.  Let us explain and hopefully answer some of the more commonly asked questions.

Do you really want me to put a tea bag on my piercing? Simple answer: yes.

How?  Okay, let’s break it down step by step.

  •         Take a tea bag out of the package.
  •         Put it in a cup (a mug or something that keeps hot water hot for a long period of time).
  •         Add hot water.
  •         Take the tea bag out of the mug. (Don’t burn yourself.)
  •         Squeeze it a little and put it on your piercing.  Yup. Right on the piecing.  Don’t wrap it in a towel, napkin or clean sock.  We want the tea in contact with the piercing.
  •         Keep it there as long as possible.

How often? As much as possible for as long as possible. 4-5 times a day would be perfect but anything will help. Do it on your next Netfilx binge, in the car on the way to work (enjoy the stares and legally I have to tell you to keep both hands on the steering wheel), when you’re doing homework, reading or tape it to yourself while playing Overwatch.  Any time is a good time to tea bag.

But Why?

  •         The best answer we can come up with is that tea is not actually made of leaves.  It’s a little known secret that tea bags are actually full of little ninjas that when activated with hot water bust out with their super ninja skills to kick some bacteria butt and keep your piercing safe.  If you’re not into science and this answer is all you need skip down to the “what kind” section.   If you don’t believe in ninjas or that everything you read on the internet is true please read on.
  •         Hello science friends…strong dark black tea is high in tannins that are antiseptic (they prevent the growth of disease-causing microorganisms), astringent (contraction of body tissues), anti-inflammatory (reduces swelling), and antiviral (hopefully you know what that means).  These are all good things.
  •         Stops the spread of infection by creating a protective layer over the exposed tissue all while helping the piercing to heal.
  •         Rich in flavonoids which are plant chemicals that protect against inflammation. Hear that- plant chemicals.  It’s safe for vegans.
  •         Chock-full of antioxidants that repair cellular damage.  We stuck a needle through you. I’m sure a few cells were damaged and hate you right now.  Be nice to them and give them tea.
  •         The heat will increase circulation and that’s especially important for ears.

What kind? I’d worry less about the type than the frequency.  If you or someone is going to drink it pick something you like.  If you hate tea buy something inexpensive like a simple green or black tea.

So that’s about it.  Make all the jokes you want but when your piercing isn’t crusty and heals faster than your friends who was too cool to tea bag you’ll thank us… and the tea ninjas.