Maybe you’ve just seen a photo online of someone with sizeable ears and their plugs

have caught your eye, or maybe you’ve tried and failed to acquire larger lobes in the past and

want to try again. No matter the reason for wanting to change your look, our staff has an

extensive amount of both knowledge and body jewelry to help you reach your goal size. This

mini guide to stretching your ears will lay down the groundwork for everything you need to know

and equip you with the basic understanding of our studio’s process!


So you've decided to take the plunge and get your lobes stretched! Our studio has everything

you'll need to accomplish your first stretch as painless and as smooth as possible. Most normal

lobe piercings are around an 18g and are stretched up from there. The unit of measurement

used to tell what size your ears are at is a gauge. As your ears get bigger, the gauge of your ear

gets smaller by twos until you hit 0g which will then become 00g and continue in fractions of an

inch. Depending on how stretched your ears already are from previous jewelry you've worn, the

gauge you'll be stretched to will be determined by your piercer.


After telling our staff you're looking to stretch your ears and the correct size has been

determined, you'll be able to pick out your jewelry! We use single-flared glass plugs for a

comfortable healing experience which come in several different colors. Single-flared glass plugs

are perfect for a fresh stretch since it's only flared on one side and rounded on the other which

makes it easier to slip straight in the ear lobe. Glass is non-porous, highly biocompatible and

easy to sanitize which makes it our stretching material of choice. Materials like wood, bone,

silicone or acrylic are great to wear once you reach your goal size but not ideal for stretching.

Once your jewelry has been chosen, it will be properly sanitized so the procedure can take

place. A taper (a long piece of metal that is small on one end and gradually increases in size

until it reaches the proper gauge) is the only tool used to widen the piercing channel. After the

taper is inserted jewelry will be put in to keep the hole at the new size. O-rings or the black

circles that are commonly seen on the back of plugs are used to keep the single-flared jewelry

in place. That's all there is to it!


So you've gotten your ears stretched and you're now ready to heal them. The most important

things to remember are to be patient with the process of stretching up and to keep them clean.

No using any hydrogen peroxide, neosporin or any ointments to clean them, those are for

scrapes and bruises. If you've gotten any lotions, potions or hair products on them, use the

soap we give you to keep them healthy and free from any foreign substances. Other than that,

follow the L.T.T.H.A. rule and Leave Them The Hell Alone!


When you notice that there's a sizable gap in between your ears and your plugs or they fall out all the time it

means it's time to size up! Come back in to the studio and you can grab your new

jewelry. Forgot your current size? No worries, we keep every customer’s info in our computers

and will always be able to look you up to find your jewelry size. To put them in bring them with

you next time you jump into the shower. Just take out your current size and slip in your new

plugs. The hot steam and water from the shower will help the new size easily slide in without

any resistance. If you feel like you have to push just wait a little while longer. There’s no need to

tear your lobes. Be patient.

Altering your body in a new way can definitely be daunting but whatever worries or questions

you have we’ll be excited to answer them! Feel free to stop into either of our locations to discuss

your stretching journey!