floating navel

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 Other than swimming and warm weather, spring and summer months bring out lots of unclothed midsections, the ideal season for showing off the ever popular navel piercing. If all the people sporting shiny stomachs this year are making you jealous, maybe it’s time to see if a navel piercing should be the next new piercing for you!


Not everyone is suited for a navel piercing, so a simple check is all that’s needed to see if your anatomy would suit one. Stand up and slouch forward while looking at your belly button. If your stomach creases above your navel, congrats! You are a perfect candidate for a navel piercing! Navels that crease in the center if pierced will be irritated more often once the jewelry will be moved every time you bend over. This has nothing to do with weight or height but genetics. Being pierced can still be an option, but you do run a higher risk of problems and rejection.


 There are a couple of other options if you still want some sparkle around your navel but don’t feel the traditional navel piercing will work due to your anatomy.  

The first option is a surface anchor.  Surface anchors are inserted under the surface of the skin rather than all the way through the tissue. The body will eventually realize it as a foreign object and reject the piercing, so they are considered to be semi permanent, but they can last for years and scarring is usually minimal.

The other option is a floating navel. Instead of a large jewel applying pressure in the center of the navel a disc is used.  This limits movement of the jewelry and gives you a lower chance of rejection or migration if your navel creases in the center.


A navel piercing only needs you to do three things: soap in the shower, hot compresses and no touching.   After you get pierced at CowPok you’ll receive a little bottle of soap. It’s not magic soap nor does it speed up the healing process, but it neutralizes other soaps like body wash in case something full of fragrance comes in contact with the piercing. Allow 30 seconds to a minute of warm water to wash over the area during your showers to ensure that any buildup does not stay around the piercing. Then use a pea-sized amount of our soap on clean fingers only if fragrance-infused projects come in contact with the piercing site. The last thing to remember is to do hot compresses with tea bags to speed up the healing process and soothe the piercing. Simply make tea as usual (nothing spicy or acidic, black or green tea is perfect) and place the tea bag over the area for 5-10 minutes. The combination of heat and antioxidants from the leaves will aid with redness and irritation. Do this as many times as you can to keep your navel piercing happy and healthy!