Hello Internet Land! Ever wonder what we at Cowpok complain about after a long day? We’ve put together a list of our pet peeves to help all you newbies look not so new. We know you’re nervous and have questions when you first get to the counter but here is a short list of how not to be the customer we talk about around the water cooler. When you step in the door please try to avoid saying the following:

  • “Yeah, I called.” Well so did about 23 other people in the last half hour. Please be a little more specific.  

  • Just the single work “piercing” or “tattoo.” #1- please speak in sentences. #2- There are over 30 types of piercing procedures we offer and an even larger number of places to put a tattoo so to help you we need a bit more information.

  • “I’m just price shopping.” If you’re looking for the cheapest place in town let us save you the trip, we’re not it. But if you want quality jewelry, friendly faces and tattoos that will look good forever come on by.

  • “We tried to go to four other shops but you guys were the only ones open today.” We’re happy to help your body piercings or tattoo dreams become a reality but as with any other place of business you are looking to get help from, respect from both parties needs to be present. Don’t let us think we were your last choice and only option.

  • “It’s not going to take long.” Please don’t tell us how long it will take to do our job. We want all our clients to leave satisfied and with the confidence to heal the new change they have made to their body and doing that is not something that should be rushed.

Now that you know both how to make a great first impression and what not to say, there are just a couple more things we’ve seen in our years working in our studio. These are some things that while common in customers are not good etiquette and are known to make any piercing or tattoo shop employee cringe:

  • Taking your jewelry out and placing it on our counter. It doesn’t matter how long it’s been pierced, it’s still full of dead skin and germs, boogers, spit, you name it. We can measure, assess and help with anything you need while your jewelry is still in. Let’s keep the jewelry cheese off of common surfaces.

  • Walking into the studio while on your phone. And do you know what’s worse? When you’re on speaker. Stay outside or in your car, our staff will be happy to assist you but not while you are on the phone.

  • Coming in for a tattoo and not having a clue what you want. It’s exciting to get some new ink but that fact that tattoos are permanent should persuade you to put more time and effort into your next piece.  

  • Asking how much a script tattoo is “per letter.” Who does that? Who charges per letter? No one.

  • Complaining about having to drive back home to get your I.D. when you live 15 minutes away. Plenty of our staff have hour commutes every day. And why did you leave the house without I.D.?  

  • Letting your friends speak for you. It’s your body and your decision only. Everyone needs a buddy but bring someone who will help you make decisions, not make them for you.

  • Bringing 6 friends. FYI: Watching someone get tattooed is boring and you’re only allowed to bring one person in the back with you. Everyone else will be stuck in the lobby watching Netflix.  

  • Staring at a CowPok customer/staff member or making them feel uncomfortable.

We are a safe space and everyone is welcome here. If you are making others feel uneasy or self-conscious you will be required to leave.

Walking into a piercing or tattoo shop for your first or even your 10th time can bring a whole slew of emotions and fears, but at least if you don’t do anything we’ve listed you can leave knowing you were a model customer!