Can I get pierced?

At CowPok, you must be at least 15 years old with proper ID to be pierced and accompanied by a parent or legal guardian with ID as well, however under the age of 18, we are not permitted to pierce nipples, genitals or do surface work, even with parental consent. We also offer lobe piercings on ages 6 and up as a safe alternative to "mall piercers," with ID from a parent. Remember - there is no submerging your piercings for 6-8 weeks - which means no swimming. Plan accordingly!


What ID do I need?

Proper ID includes something with your picture, full name and date of birth. Passports, ID cards, driver’s license or permit, passport cards, birth certificates in combination with a photo ID will also work. If you are under the age of 18, both you and your parent will need ID, and if you have different last names, a birth certificate is required as well.


How much will my piercing cost?

Your piercing cost will be broken down in to two parts – a piercing fee and the cost of jewelry and the price of jewelry can vary greatly. At CowPok, we have a huge variety of body-safe materials, and one of the biggest BVLA collections in Western New York! Your best bet is to always stop in and browse our selection – both locations’ selections are ever-hanging, and chances are you will find something that screams YOU.


Does it hurt?

Pain is relative. Take a deep breath, and relax. We’re here to make this experience as enjoyable and easy as possible. Chances are, it doesn’t hurt as badly as you might think!


Can you pierce me with my own jewelry?

The short answer? Probably not. Every piece of jewelry that comes in to our store is carefully cleaned and autoclaved, to ensure each piercing experience is as sterile as possible and done with the highest quality that the industry has available.  Without knowing where your jewelry came from, what it is made of, etc. there is no way to know that it is a safe piece to take on healing a fresh piercing. Don’t fear – although we cannot pierce you with your own jewelry, with such a wide selection available for initial piercings, you’re sure to find something that you love that is not only the highest quality, but is tailor fit for your body.


How do I take care of my new piercing?

After each piercing, we go over trouble shooting and taking care of your new piercing, along with written instructions. Included in the cost of your piercing is aftercare, which varies depending on what piercing you just got. If you have any additional questions, you can contact us day or night by phone or email, or simply stop in and speak with one of our piercers or counter staff. We are always there to help.


What will I experience during the healing process?

Redness, soreness, dry skin, swelling and aches are all common for most piercings throughout the healing process. If anything looks funny, or feels weird, do not hesitate to stop in and have a piercer take a look.


I ran out of soap. Now what?

As long as you are bathing regularly, keeping hands (lotions, hair products, etc.) off of your piercings, it is not necessary to grab more soap. However, you are always more than welcome to stop in and grab any of our aftercare products as needed. Provon soap is $2.


Do I tip my piercer?

Anytime you are provided a service by someone (think tipping your hairdresser for a great haircut, or your waiter or waitress for a positive experience at a restaurant) tips are always appreciated. There is no “standard” amount, and it doesn’t always need to be money. We like cookies too. A LOT.


When can I go swimming?

The piercing channel won’t entirely close for 6-8 weeks after being pierced, so you should avoid submerging your new sparkles in any body of water for at least two months. This includes salt water, chlorinated water, pools, jacuzzis, lakes, oceans and especially baths.


When can I change my jewelry?

Healing times vary greatly from body part to body part, and person to person. Everyone is different – so stop by and check with your piercer to see if you’re ready to safely change your jewelry. Changing it too soon can cause significant discomfort, so be patient.


At what point can I take my jewelry out without the hole closing?

Everyone is different, so we leave you with this advice: if you like your piercing, leave it in.