Kid’s Ear Piercings


Your first piercing should set the tone for a lifetime of modifying your body. At CowPok, we firmly believe in making every trip to our studio a clean, safe and comfortable one - especially for kids. We offer earlobe piercings on children ages six and up, in a one on one setting with child, parent and piercer. From jewelry selection and paperwork, all the way to the main event - your child runs the show when they step through our doors.

Things to remember when bringing a child into our studio:

  • Child must be atleast six years of age and have a physical copy of their birth certificate, and be accompanied by their parent with ID as well. We cannot accept digital copies so please plan accordingly.

  • We offer tandem piercings when available - please call ahead.

  • Fresh piercings cannot be submerged for six to eight weeks - be mindful during the summertime of this.

Have additional questions? Please call for further information to either of our locations.